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Kittywalk® Carousel

My Three Cats & Co

$ 149.95

The CAROUSEL is a completely portable outdoor enclosure for small dogs or cats that allows your pet the ability to enjoy the great outdoors in complete safety. Carousel can be used by itself or combined with the Ferris Wheel to create the Carnival.

Dimensions: 48" diameter (across), 24" high
Weight: 19 lbs.

  • Super easy to set up
  • Handy carry bag
  • Safety clasps on all zippers
  • Bell topped colorful flags can be used as cat toys
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Reinforced PVC mesh
  • Handy pass- thru porthole so cats can travel from the Ferris Wheel to Carousel

 NOTE: The Carousel is temporarily out of stock.  Will be in stock and ready to ship by 2/15/18.  If you place your order before 2/15 we will reserve your order and contact you when the order is ready to ship.  

Special Notes

Kittywalk® Systems Safety Precautions

Cat furniture and scratching products are not shipped to international locations except in some cases, to Canada. If you are an international customer and wish to know if a product is available to you, go to the Contact page at and send us an email with your specific request. At the present time, we do offer international shipping to Canada and to the U.K. for Cat Toy and for Laurel Burch products.

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