Custom Handcrafted Cat Furniture

Do you prefer personalizing your cats' furniture to meet your space requirements as well as their special needs?  Look no further!  My Three Cats & Co. offers hand crafted customized cat tree products, such as our Custom Natural Cat Furniture, that allows you to get creative and be involved in the cat design process, from start to finish! This unique service gives you the opportunity to create something special for your feline.  

Then, we offer a selection of sturdy, handcrafted cat tree products such as our popular Lucy Tree, Little Bit and others to accommodate any sized cat or space. Choose your preferred carpet color, from a neutral, versatile beige to our Tiny Steps in an eye-catching leopard pattern!  Select from all carpeted, to a blend of carpet and sisal covered posts. Our passionate cat furniture craftspeople understand cats’ needs, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product you and your cat will love.

The time is meow to shop for your cat's very own custom cat furniture!