About Us


 After years of operating as a local brick and mortar cat boutique, and in light of the growing success of our website, My Three Cats & Co. decided in 2003 to dedicate itself to serving a broader cat community.  Today, our ecommerce business, MyThreeCats.com thrives as a specialty cat-focused ecommerce store, cultivating a cat loving community around the world!   

MyThreeCats.com specializes in providing ONLY THE BEST quality products and solutions for the most loving and discerning cat owner. The driving force behind My Three Cats & Co. is our lifelong love of cats and a passionate commitment to their welfare and responsible care. We carefully curate our product offering so that you won't have to waste time on sites that "offer everything", including products that are of inferior quality and lack value. You'll find complete product descriptions and reviews that give you the information to make a confident purchase you can trust, at very AFFORDABLE PRICES and SHIPPING RATES.  Don't miss our On Sale items and our Special Offer of the Month.

 As cat lovers like you know, cats are choosy.  While each has his/her own distinctive purr-sonality and preferences (like us) we find our products attract even the most finicky cats! Simply, they use them and therefore, benefit from them.  Read our customer testimonials at MyThreeCats.com to see for yourself. 

MyThreeCats.com strives to educate and advance the principles of humane and compassionate pet care, as well as the responsible stewardship involved with all of God’s creatures and their environment. We have shared our expertise and enthusiasm on television and radio, and have been published in widely nationally recognized cat focused blogs and sites. 

What’s most rewarding to MyThreeCats.com is that it gives us an ideal platform to support animal rescue and shelter organizations when possible and to serve as volunteers in our local area.  We encourage everyone to give a shelter pet a loving, forever home.

Please feel free to contact us at www.mythreecats.com, or call us TOLL-FREE @ 1-877-CAT LUV3 (1-877-228-5883).