Outdoor Cat Playgrounds and Enclosures: NEW LOWER PRICES

Easy Assembly Backyard Cat Enclosures

Safely bring the great outdoor sights, sounds and fragrances to your cat with our easy-to-assemble Kittywalk® portable cat enclosures.  Order any of our attractive ready built designs or, for a unique look, build your own Kittywalk® enclosure by ordering connecting pieces and assembling them to fit your desired space.  Here are the components you can order to build your cat's enclosure.  

Here are the various configurations you can custom build to make your cat's enclosure uniquely his own! It's easy to connect Kittywalk components.  No tools are required.

The Kittywalk® portable cat enclosures shown here can be installed on lawns or installed on outdoor decks and patios, apartment decks and balconies.