Kittywalk Precautions

Kittywalk® Systems and Stroller Safety Precautions

Cats are as likely to get their claws stuck on the Kittywalk netting as they are to get stuck on the fabric available to them in your own home. If your cat is constantly getting it's claws stuck in your home on the curtains, screen doors & furniture, it's likely it will do so in the Kittywalk. However, the chances of that happening are greatly reduced if you keep your cat's nails trimmed, which we recommend.

Also, please consider the following safety precautions when using your Kittywalk System Pet Enclosure Systems and Strollers.

  • DO NOT INSTALL Kittywalk Clubhouse near or on top of; underground irrigation systems, electrical wires, Gas/oil/propane pipes, water pipes and open water (like streams, ponds or pools).
  • Never leave your pet unattended or unsupervised.
  • Collar and tags should be removed before a cat enters the Kittywalk outdoor pet enclosure.
  • Cats' claws can get entangled or caught in the netting. To prevent this from happening, keep cats' claws trimmed when using Kittywalk, or any other Kittywalk product.
  • Be sure the location you use is free from ground fertilizers, poisonous plants, pesticides and other potentially dangerous contaminants that your cat could accidentally ingest.
  • Not fox, coyote, dog, or other animal proof. Beware of unwanted visiting animals.
  • Not to be used by animals that chew.
  • The products and their packaging are not designed to be used by children.
  • The 30 day warranty does not cover damage caused by your pet.