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Premium Cat Toys for Sale

Shop our wide variety of toys to amaze, stimulate and exercise your cat mentally and physically.  Don't forget to browse the sub categories, such as Catnip Toys, Interactive Toys, etc.   We hope you'll find just the right one for your purrfect puddy tat!

Our high-quality cat toys include Teasers & Pleasers Interactive Toys, which foster healthy exercise and mental stimulation to complement fun. These toys can provide entertainment for your cat whether you’re at home or not. Many of our cat toys for sale include catnip, providing hours of frenzied excitement.

Don’t buy just any cat products—My Three Cats & Co. has the unique, high-quality cat toys that your kitty deserves!  

NOTE: International customers:  When using to get a shipping estimate, you may use 1 lb. as the weight applicable to our catnip toys.  For larger, interactive toys, such as puzzle toys or wand toys, you may use 2 lb.