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Magic Carpet Toy - New!

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 6.95

Does your cat like crinkly stuff?  He'll go wild over this Magic Carpet!

Developed by a veterinarian who understands cats (like you do), Magic Carpet is a unique, crinkly plastic sheet that entertains your cat in multiple ways.

Draped over furniture it becomes a cool tent or playground. Cats love the way it crinkles, rustles, and moves as they burrow deep into it. You can even use it as a foraging toy by hiding toys or treats underneath.

We put Magic Carpet down on the floor, under our paddle fan.  The shredded edging moved like a butterfly, enticing our "test cat" Chester to pounce and conquer.  The Magic Carpet provides limitless ways for your cat to play and stay active, engaged, and entertained!

Your cat will love:

  • The crinkle and rustle sounds that it makes
  • Scratching, pawing, and jumping on it
  • How soft it feels and how easy it is to tear up and shred
  • Using her imagination to play in different ways

You will love:

  • Affordable price
  • The simple play it offers your cat
  • No assembly required
  • That is is safe and affordable
  • Can easily be put away or disposed of

Available in either red or blue.  Click the arrow for a drop down menu to make your color and quantity selection.  Order three and SAVE!!!

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