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The Catnip Hurricane

My Three Cats & Co

$ 19.95

They stalk....pounce....attack....and repeat!!!

Your cat will LOVE you for introducing him to this phenomenal toy!

Your cat has a choice of not only one, but two balls to chase as they race down two separate tracks, while the aroma of catnip permeates the area around the toy. The Catnip Hurricane amuses and amazes, while providing great exercise.

Dimensions:  16" in diameter


Here's a testimonial from

...The Hurricane has two balls that roll on separate, circular tracks. My cats have informed me that the pièce de résistance of this toy is the catnip breeze created as the balls spin around the track, putting the Hurricane heads and tails above its competition and making it irresistible to our kitties.

I poured some of the catnip (included) into the center of the Hurricane and let the cats have at it. Indy went nuts! She spins the ball, then rolls around deliriously, spins the ball, rolls some more, etc. Buddha goes straight for the catnip in the center and Braveheart loves to play with it, but stops as soon as he spots me with my camera. I'm making a note of this in your employee file, Braveheart!

They stalk it, attack it, pounce on it, and once they're comfortably ensconced in a catnip haze, they hug it. Too funny! We give the Catnip Hurricane an all-paws-up rating!

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