Dezi & Roo Buzzer Bell Toy and Attachment for Wiggly Wand

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 5.95

Toss a winner with this new Buzzer Bell Toy!  This great lightweight toy is popular with cats, both as a toss toy and as an attachment to our Wiggly Wand Toy! 

The best way to keep your cat from becoming bored is with multiple attachments to his wand toy. It is an interesting way to keep your kitty active, engaged, and entertained. By providing a variety of opportunities to hunt, chase, and play, your cat will remain fit both physically and mentally. 

Inspired by the buzzing insects of spring and summer, our new Buzzer attachment is a safe, natural, eco-friendly toy that helps bring the outdoors in. Cats love paper and are instinctually attracted to the crinkle noise that sounds like small prey rustling in leaves or hovering over flowers. It is safe enough to chew on and made from biodegradable paper with a soft faux fur center.

Your cat will love the Buzzer Bell Toy because:

  • It's handmade out of chew-approved paper
  • It's easy for declawed kitties (and kitties with claws) to catch
  • It's challenging and fun
  • It's easily attachable as an alternative to original attachment on our Wiggly Wand Toy!  (Pictured)
  • Biting this toy is encouraged, it's made of 100% safe material
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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