Laurel Burch™ Cat Collection

"Of all the purposes my art and life can serve, perhaps The Art of Healing imagery can most inspire a strong and loving spirit in others. One heart, one soul, one being at a time."

Laurel’s lifelong passion was to create art that celebrates interconnectedness we all share.  One of her many focuses was on cat inspired artwork.  Laurel created many cat designs that became world famous.  Fantasticats, Indigo Cats, Friendly Felines, Rainbow Cat, and many other designs were transformed into jewelry, totes, kitchenware, calendars, stationary, candles and many other beautiful, useful gifts.  Following her passing in 2012, Laurel's daughter Aarin kept her legacy going, creating Laurel Burch Studios, headquartered in California.  Aarin's desire is to share the exuberant spirit of her mother's vision and make her vibrant designs available to all. 

We hope you will love this special collection, chosen just for you and your kindred spirits!