Fling-ama-String™ Interactive Cat Toy

My Three Cats & Co

$ 29.95


If cats had money, they'd buy one of these!!!

Does your cat fit into one of these "Cat"-egories? Fling-ama-string™ is perfect for every type of cat! 

  • The Hunter: It brings out your natural predatory instinct and improves paw-eye coordination!  
  • Flabby Tabby: It's like having your own purrsonal trainer! 
  • Sleep-Obsessed: It's been known to reduce sleep time to only 18 hours a day! 
  • Lazy Bones: The best positions for playing with fling-ama-string is lying down!
  • Long in the Fang: It will help bring our your inner kitten.

Fling-ama-string™ hangs on any standard door knob. It is battery-operated. One side of a long string is sewn to a flat elastic belt which is constantly rotating. The string flings in and out for kitty's non-stop amusement. The toy has 2 speeds to satisfy the frisky or faint feline.   

Order 2 and save! Click the drop down arrow and select a 2 Pack to get the discount.

Why you and your cat will love Fling-ama-String:

  • No assembly required
  • Simple instructions included for putting the Fling-ama-string in action
  • Hangs on any standard door knob
  • Improves paw-eye coordination
  • Battery operated (uses 3 AA batteries not included)
  • Ideal for exercise
  • Keeps your cat busy and happy
  • Troubleshooting tips

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