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Tiger Teasers Lion Lure Interactive Toy - NEW!!!

My Three Cats & Co

$ 7.95 $ 11.95

Appeal to your cat's natural hunting instincts and bring out the lion!

Here's Sylvie jumping with joy over the Lion Lure toy!


The folks who designed this top rated cat toy really understand what makes cats tick!  Lion Lure has been featured on such highly acclaimed cat sites as Hauspanther, Modern Cat Magazine as well as on Animal Planet TV.   

The lure, a small synthetic fur mouse, looks and feels like real prey. The metal wire allows Lion Lure to mimic the mouse's movement which cats find IMPOSSIBLE to resist! The metal ball attached to the wand creates a jingling sound that appeals to cats' acute sense of hearing.

The acrylic wand is light weight, yet durable, making it comfortable to use with little effort.

Dimensions: 24" long, wand plus wire

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