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Thrill of the Chase™ Cat Toy

My Three Cats & Co

$ 19.95

Play-N-Squeak® toys fuel your cat's natural hunting instinct safely and effectively!

Click the mouse button below to hear what your cat will hear when she plays!.

Thrill of the Chase lets cats play with their prey just as they would in the wild. The realistic mouse spins easily with one swipe of a paw and is perfect to keep kitty entertained while providing needed mental and physical stimulation!

Play-N-Squeak® toys are completely different than other cat toys. They fuel your cat's natural hunting instinct safely and effectively.

All Play-N-Squeak toys feature an electronic sound module that produces the amazingly realistic RealMouse™ sound - a "squeak" that is the same frequency and loudness as a real mouse! All Play-N-Squeak toys include long-life batteries and catnip.

Special Notes

Click the icon below to hear the RealMouse™sound!

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