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'Suzy' The Large Catnip Hemp Mouse - NEW!!!

'Suzy' The Large Catnip Hemp Mouse - NEW!!!

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 8.95

Have you ever heard of "silver vine"?  This nontoxic plant (similar to catnip), when mixed with organic catnip and stuffed into your cat's toy, produces an organic, safe, yet potent catnip mixture.  That's what your cat will enjoy with our Suzy toy!

Generously sized (6 inches long), made in the U.S.A. with an earth-friendly (bio-degradable) and cat-safe hemp exterior, Suzy also features cute little hemp ears and tail for grabbing and tossing!

Note:  Catster writes about the virtues of catnip, silver vine and similar plants used in cat toys:  

"Keep in mind that they [catnip, silver vine, etc] 1) are all legal, 2) will not ruin your cat’s health or social standing, and 3) won’t necessitate a trip to the nearest rehabilitation facility or AA meeting. Your cats can enjoy them all freely, without repercussions. Lucky cats."

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