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Spiral Cat Staircase - NEW!!! - SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICING!

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 769.00 $ 899.95


This amazing piece is an investment that your cat will enjoy over his lifetime!

The Spiral Cat Staircase is cutting edge cat furniture that your cats will find totally fascinating.  They'll scale the platforms with ease, reaching their desired height.  Each platform is right sized to enable cats to perch on any platform.  This swirled and beautifully designed product is made with birch plywood, aluminum alloy and stainless steel components which presents not only a natural and simple style but also a nice interior decoration. Its reinforced support boards are wrapped with jute rope which also work beautifully as scratching posts.

The Spiral Cat Staircase is a modular product which can be assembled and disassembled with just a screwdriver. Unlike a general spiral staircase which must be fixed to both ceiling and floor; it has a very stable base and is designed to be a free standing piece.  If desired, the Staircase can be screwed directly into a wall at the top. The proper spacing between the platforms allows both older cats and kittens move up and down easily.  

Why your cat (and you) will love our Spiral Staircase:

  • Attractive focal point for any room
  • Platforms are spaced to accommodate any cat, kitten to senior
  • Stainless steel support pillar insures stability.  
  • 16 birch wood steps with aluminum trim, spiral to an overall height of 82 5/8".
  • If desired, the Staircase attaches firmly to the wall with screws at the top of the pillar.
  • Jute-wrap supports provide claw sharpening opportunities on the support posts  


Materials: birch plywood, aluminum alloy, jute rope, stainless steel parts
Platforms are covered in Espresso carpeting


  • Height:  82-5/8”
  • Platform dimensions:  23-5/6" x 10-3/16"
  • Full Diameter (assembled):  27- 9/16”
  • Base Dimensions:  23- 5/8”x 23- 5/8”

Our Spiral Staircase is available to ship to customers in the continental U.S.

Cat furniture and scratching products are not shipped to international locations except in some cases, to Canada. If you are an international customer and wish to know if a product is available to you, go to the Contact page at and send us an email with your specific request. At the present time, we do offer international shipping to Canada and to the U.K. for Cat Toy and for Laurel Burch products.

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