Mouse In The House Interactive Cat Toy

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 45.95

You and your cat need a Mouse In The House!  This one's designed to self-entertain your cat. 

Mouse in the House can be activated manually by pushing the red button, by either a human or a cat, or by setting the timer to activate toy at set intervals. (See the cat turn it on in the video).

Upon activation the toy emits small animal sounds to signal to the cat that the mouse is coming out. The mouse makes two revolutions of the track and then announces he is done for now with a humorous cuckoo sound. This sequence can be set to occur at intervals from one minute to several hours.

The mouse operates on a hidden belt with a clutch.  If the cat attempts to hold the mouse it will not hurt the mechanism, the clutch will continue to provide resistance  until the cat lets it go on its way to end the sequence. Should the cat hold the mouse for too long the mechanism will turn itself off. The mouse cannot be removed from the toy by the cat. The unit measures 17.5″ x 5.5″ x 5″.

Why your cat will love this toy:

  • Plays with your cat when you are away
  • Plugs into a wall socket
  • Replaceable mouse
  • Timer and manual operation
  • Provides stimulus for cats left alone

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