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Cat Climber (Door Hanger)

Cat Climber (Door Hanger)

My Three Cats & Co

$ 94.95

Multi-level Climbing Platforms Provide Exercise and Freedom!

Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

Designed to hang on any standard door in your home, the Cat Climber from SmartCat is the perfect choice for smaller homes or people who don't want to swap an end table for a traditional cat tree.

Now your cat can scratch, play, sleep, and exercise safely on this patented product.

The climber is easily moved from door to door because of its spring loaded bracket system. The natural sisal post is ideal for scratching.

Made of durable wood, the climber will withstand years of use. "I have three in my house, one for each cat," says designer Angela Moser.  Our cats love it when we move them around the house, it's like a new adventure for them."

Dimensions: Fits on an 80" standard sized door or will adjust to similarly sized doors due to its spring loaded bracket system

Shelf Dimensions: 7-1/4" D x 17-3/4" L

Space between shelves: 15"

•Rigid construction for years of use
•Patented technology
•Easy assembly & disassembly
•Provides hours of entertainment
•Great source of exercise
•Enhances home décor
•Space saving - fits on virtually any door

Cat furniture and scratching products are not shipped to international locations except in some cases, to Canada. If you are an international customer and wish to know if a product is available to you, go to the Contact page at and send us an email with your specific request. At the present time, we do offer international shipping to Canada and to the U.K. for Cat Toy and for Laurel Burch products.

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