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Automatic Fresh Water Frog Fountain for Cats - NEW!!!

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 3.95

Note:  Our Frog Fountain, Green Lily Splash Pads and Filter Packs are out of stock until March, 2019. 

Cats need as much fresh water as they can drink!  Encourage your cat to drink lots of it with our Automatic Fresh Water Frog Fountain.

Why your cats will love it:

  • the sound and action of continuous flowing water is a cat magnet
  • Water streams out of the frog's mouth; your cats can choose to drink from the stream or from the basin
  • they will love the taste of filtered water and keep coming back for more

Why you will love it:

  • Takes minutes to assemble - see our assembly instructions here and also view our video below
  • Easy to operate and maintain - complete operating and cleaning instructions are included with the fountain
  • Fountain is made of BPA free polypropylene. The frog is made of food-safe plastic resin
  •  Great also for small to medium sized dogs
  •  Two active carbon filters included.  Filters last 4-6 weeks and keep water fresh and great tasting.  Order replacement filters here.
  • Capacity is 1.2 quarts/1.14 liters of water
  • Unique design and Ideally sized and shaped to fit your room.  Dimensions:  11.5" L x 6.5" H x 9.5" W
  • Cleverly designed water fountain cleaning brush. We include one brush with your fountain, FREE of charge! ($3.95 value)
  • Tip:  Always keep the water level at at the maximum water level (as indicated on the fountain) for maximum motor performance.

Accessories you should order with your fountain, available here, click on arrow for drop down menu:

  • Attractive and functional Shell Splash Pad captures excess water and keeps floors dry.  Eco friendly (no EVA; no latex; no BPA)
  • Lilypads are also designed to coordinate with your fountain and are a great option to protect your floor.  Eco friendly (no EVA; no latex; no BPA)
  • Replacement carbon 3-filter pack
  • Cleverly designed water fountain cleaning brush - reaches all parts of the fountain for easy maintenance.  
  • Contact us to order the frog replacement part or motor 

Watch our set up video and troubleshooting guide .

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