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Is your cat an "only cat", or is she part of a multiple cat household?  This cleverly designed arched scratching post will accommodate all of them!   Once you put our Arched scratcher out in your living space and see your cats "go to town" on it, you'll quickly realize why this well designed piece is well worth the investment. 

Cali is crazy about her new Arched Multi-Surface Scratching Post, see her debut video below!!!

Why your cat will LOVE this well built scratcher:

  • There are eight surfaces on the four rope-wrapped posts so cats can sharpen their claws from different angles.
  • A rattan ball with bell inside hangs in the middle by a spring rope with good elasticity, to amuse and exercise your cat.
  • Cats like to sharpen their claws in a standing position; the arched scratching post was designed to meet this natural behavior.  Your cat will be attracted to this quality, natural jute rope. 
  • YOU will love the unique and stable design of the Arched Scratching Post, totally different from traditional scratching posts. With hollow handles on top, it can be moved easily. The base and top are MDF (medium-density fiberboard) sealed with a transparent furniture coating. 
  • Cats are naturally attracted to the feel of tightly-wrapped rope, and won't be able to resist climbing the posts and attacking the bouncing rattan ball
  • Perfect height for cat stretching:  36"
  • Easy to assemble, see the post insertion image
  • Replacement posts available, Contact Us to order replacements. 


  • Materials: MDF board, jute rope, rattan ball, PVC elastic spring
  • Dimensions:
  • Base Panel : 15- 3/4” x 15- 3/4”
  • Height: 36- 3/16”
  • Weight:  16.5 lbs.

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