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Austrian Crystal Hearts Collar in Royal Purple

Austrian Crystal Hearts Collar in Royal Purple

My Three Cats & Co

$ 28.46 $ 37.95

Order this heart stopping Austrian Crystal Collar for the Ultimate Chic!  Only the best Austrian crystals are used in this heart collar. It's designed with a durable, comfortable stretchy webbing.

This collar is available in a 12" length, but is adjustable with a belt style buckle.

Be sure to measure your cat's neck before ordering by using a shoelace or small belt (something that won't stretch). A cat's collar should never be tight against the skin, so place two fingers under the measuring device to make sure the collar is loose enough for comfort, but not too loose to slip off.

12" Length, 1/2" WideCare Instructions

As with anything that looks so beautiful, crystal collars do require maintenance. To insure their beauty we recommend the following:

  • DO NOT leave the collar on at night. Really no collar should remain on all night. Also we do not recommend that your feline friend wears one of these fine crystal collars outdoors. While our collars are of the finest quality, they are not made to withstand rugged outdoor wear and tear.
  • If your feline friend has an ear infection, they will be scratching continually. We recommend wearing a non-crystal collar at that time.
  • We recommend checking the prongs nightly when you take the collar off for the evening. The best way to check the prongs, besides visually, is to rub your thumb across the top the stones slowly. You will be able to feel if a prong is sticking up. If a prong is up, using the end of a pencil eraser gently press the prong back down. DO NOT use pliers or tweezers. It may break off the prong causing permanent damage.


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