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Yeowww!™ Pumpkin Catnip Toy - purr-fect for your Meow-lo-ween Cats!

My Three Cats & Co

$ 7.61 $ 53.69

What cat could resist this catnip stuffed smile?

This jack-o-catnip will certainly put kitty into a playful, Meow-lo-ween spirit! Better than candy, this plump pumpkin toy is COMPLETELY FILLED with 100% organically grown Yeowww! catnip. No tricks for this kitty - it's ALL TREAT!

 Buy a pack of 3 and SAVE 15% or a pack of 6 and SAVE 20%! To order a pack of 3 or 6, please click the drop down arrow first, then select a quantity of 3 or 6 to get the discount.

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