My Intelligent Pet Piano Interactive Toy - NEW!!!

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 69.95

My Intelligent Pets received a 2022 Pet Innovation Award for "Pet's Piano!"


Is you cat smarter than this dog? (see video)  We’ll bet the answer is yes!

Pet's Piano gives your cat or dog hours of something fun and special.  You know that they are smart -- this gives them a new challenge!

Unlike in the flat board puzzles where the cats move tiles with their nose or paw to get the reward, with Pet Piano, they work it both vertically and horizontally to get the treats.

The game trains them in concentration and dexterity as well as boosts their natural instincts of curiosity, a drive to play, and a sense of smell.  Cats and dogs both love this toy!

Eight wooden pipes in which the treats can be hidden, when pushed down will drop off their contents as a reward to the cat.  At the same moment on the xylophone, the sound will be generated.  Your cat is now "playing" their song :)

The puzzle can be varied in regards to the difficulty level. To make it more difficult place pegs in the row below the pipes and the player needs to remove them first so the tubes can be pushed down.

How to play:

  • Step 1: Place a number of treats in pipes
  • Step 2: Encourage your pet to push tubes down
  • Step 3: Praise your furry friend each time it manages to get the treat
  • Step 4: Place treats in the row below tubes and cover them with respective pegs. 

Hint: Encourage your pet to remove the pegs and so get the rewards.


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