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"Klaw Kontrol" Grooming & Care Bag - LOW STOCK!!!

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$ 34.95 $ 42.00

A gentle restraint bag designed for ease of use and for the comfort of your cats (and small dogs, too). Vets and professional groomers like the "hug-action" that gives cats the sense of security they instinctually seek. With your cat calmer and more relaxed, you can perform grooming and cat care with ease. It just makes everything go a lot faster and easier.  See the video below! 

Multiple Uses!
*Clip claws
*Administer medication-liquids, pills, shots
*Brush teeth
*Treat eyes, ears

This testimonial is from a Madison, VA veterinarian:

..."Our clients love the Klaw Kontrol bag!  I use the Bag during exams.  In fact, I have one in all three of our exam rooms.  It works especially well for slightly nervous cats - it calms them down and makes them feel more content and secure.  That alone helps make anesthesia administration, (if needed at all), overall exams, injections, and routine treatments go easier."

Please note:  We are sold out in SM and LG. Available in: XLG, which accommodates all size cats, especially 10 lbs and above.


Klaw Kontrol Bag features:

*100% nylon Washable and Non-shrinkable
*Snug fit; side vents keep cat cool and comfortable
*Adjustable velcro collar
*Top zipper for easy entry;2 side zippers for front paws;underside zipper for rear paws. All zippers have locking sliders.
*Carry conveniently with side handles 
Please note:  The accessory kit containing a muzzle and shoulder strap are no longer available.





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