Happystack® Modular Cat Condo - Square Model - Extra Large Doorway Openings

My Three Cats & Co.

$ 149.95

All you need to do is watch the video and you'll see how crazy cats are about Happystack!  These Happystacks have extra large openings to comfortably accommodate larger cats.

HAPPYSTACK’S award winning cat house design has helped cats build confidence, especially for those cats who may be skittish, shy, fearful or anxious.  Give your cat a secure house to feel safe and comfortable!  Happystack was awarded the 2020 Pet Product News Editor's Choice Award and the 2019 Global Pet Expo's Fear Free Best New Product. 

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 Why your cat needs HAPPYSTACK:

  • Award winning & 5 star rated design helps fearful cats ease anxiety giving them a feeling of safety in a secure hideaway.  Happystack is great for scared, skittish, fearful or anxious cats that need a safe haven, a place where they feel confident in their own kitty home hideaway.
  • The patented pyramidal shape gives flexibility and stability for climbing and scratching every surface for one or more cats. Stack the 3 units together to form a tower or stand each unit separately. Happystacks can be used inside and outside (under a covered patio area).
  • Scratchable outside surface has durable, low pile, indoor/outdoor carpet for scratching across all levels - which makes for a happy cat and saves your walls and furniture!  PUUURFECT!  Happystack's durable design and materials also make it ideal for outdoor covered catios and decks. 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble units with the patent pending corner hinge design. Panels are connected by a fit and slide corner hinge which helps make assembly of your cat house simple! Align the arrows and slide - that's it!  There is nothing else like it!
  • Modular & stores easy.  Stackable and nestable.  Units can be nested together by placing smaller units inside larger unit, creating a storable basket which is lightweight for ease of transportation. The panels can be taken apart to lay flat for storage under a bed or closet.  
  • 4 floors of fun (after stacked) and 9 holes to climb and play through. Cats and kittens can climb, hide, play, sleep and scratch through the 4 levels! Your kitties could have many hours of fun and exploration with a Happystack!  
  • Multiple cats, small and large (up to 25 lbs), are supported on the units. The durable structure is made to endure constant play by one or multiple cats. 
  • Made in the USA with non-toxic materials sourced in the USA! Small business, woman owned and operated.  Easy care, wipe with lightly dampened cloth.  Safe carpet cleaning solutions may be used.
  • Engraved name plate available:  Name plates are laser engraved on wood. Velcro attachments allow placement anywhere on the Happystack home.  Name plates must be ordered at the time you order your Happystack.  Order your Happystack here, then click here to order your name plate. 

Happystack® SQUARE Measurements:

3 unit stack: 41”H Top: 13” x 13” Base: 23” x 23”

Small unit: 14.5”H Top: 13” x 13” Base: 17” x 17” Inside height: 13"

Medium unit: 14.5”H Top: 16” x 16” Base: 20” x 20” Inside height: 13"

Large base: 14.5”H Top: 19” x  19” Base: 23” x 23” Inside height: 14" Diagonal: 32”.  

Doorways:  8”W x 8”H - (2 panel doorways 1 top access doorway each unit)

Overall Weight:  30 lbs.

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